Why choose Steeline?

Steeline is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, distributors and installers of high-quality metal roofing and steel structures. From roofing and fencing to patios and sheds, our roll-formed steel building products are manufactured locally using the highest quality BlueScope® steel, as well as a range of other specialised metal products from around the world.

As the only national buying group and independently owned steel roll-formers, we have been delivering the best product range, prices and service to customers since 1991. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and innovation to ensure the best outcome for any project – no matter how big or small.

Your local experts

With over 50 branches across all Australian states and territories, there’s a local Steeline team of experts near you with the skills and experience to help complete your next commercial project or home renovation.

Unlike other suppliers, our stores are locally-owned and operated, and we are proud to support our respective customers and broader communities – especially those in regional areas.

A national network of expert suppliers

We locally manufacture and distribute a range of quality steel structures, and with over 50 locations across Australia, there’s a local Steeline supplier near you.