Top Hats

Steeline Top Hat Section is made from GALVANISED Steel and can be manufactured to your individual requirements or is also available in stock lengths.

It is available in the following gauges 0.75 BMT, 1.0 BMT & 1.2 BMT to give you different spanning capabilities. This product is ideal to use for battens and wall girts on your garage, shed or carport.


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Top hat sections

Structural metal top hat sections are a cost effective alternative to conventional purlins or timber on smaller type buildings like garages and small sheds. They are ideal to be used for wall girts and roof supports. They are fixed with the use of 14 x 22 metal TEK screws onto the columns and rafters through the bottom flange of the top hat sections. They have excellent spanning capabilities and are lap joined on longer runs.

Steeline top hat sections are available in 3 different thicknesses allowing them to be used in many different applications to suit your requirements. They are rollformed cut to length in thicknesses of 0.75 BMT, 1.0 BMT & 1.2 BMT. Made from hi-tensile Zincalume so you know they will stand the test of time. They comply with the Australian standards.


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