Steeline Steel Span 700

Steel Span 700 is a practical, aesthetically pleasing roof and wall cladding material which adds value to any building. Made from light gauge, high tensile steel it has an efficiently  designed profile, making it light and able to span long distances. It is manufactured locally by continuously roll-forming prefinished material, resulting in a low cost, high quality  product.

COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and Galvanised finishes available*

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How we install new Steeline steel roofing

Watch how we install a new roof at Steeline. There’s an art to getting it right, so speak to your local Steeline member to experience service over above.


Choose Australian steel from Steeline.

Inspiration from houses to sheds

Every Steeline is owned and operated by a local, so we understand what’s required for your project to withstand the toughest of local conditions and why we only use quality materials.