Steeline Mini Corrugated 825

Steeline Mini Corrugated has been around for years and can be seen on older, traditional homes on internal ceilings and walls.

However recent years have seen it come back in ‘vogue’ and it is the ideal profile to make a feature of any internal structure – from walls to ceilings to soffit linings, right through to bathrooms, outdoor rooms and retail sales counters or displays.
The uses for this profile are endless; so let your imagination and creative flair run wild.
Made from quality Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel, Steeline Mini Corrugated is stylish, strong and long lasting.

COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and Galvanised finishes available*

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The sheets of Steeline Mini Corrugated overlap each other and are fixed progressively along the building in the opposite direction to the prevailing weather. This gives complete weather protection and a fast and efficient method of installation. Each sheet consists of an ‘over rib’ and an ‘under rib’ and when put together they form an effective seal preventing water entry

Laying (Ribs Vertical)

Start at the end of the wall which is away from the prevailing weather. The over-edge should be as shown:

Laying (Ribs Horizontal)

The edge laps must face downwards with the over edge (double side rib) on top as |shown. If end laps are necessary on long runs, allow 75mm per lap. End laps should be sealed with suitable sealant.


Recommended fasteners

Steel Framing:
Ripple TEK 10×20

Timber Framing:
Ripple TEK 10×30

Side lap fasteners
Use no 8×12 hex head type self drilling screw with neo washer or sealed blind rivet. These are added at the midspans of the sheets for support spacing over 800mm for walls to give weatherproofing if necessary.

Screw manufactures have now developed specific screw for fixing of mini corrugated into both steel and timber. Consult your local steeline member for futher information.

Method of fastening

Steeline Mini Corrugated is fixed using every 3rd or 4th valley or crest.


When unloading bundles of sheeting with a crane always use a spreader bar and fabric slings to prevent damage. When manually handling sheets use clean dry gloves and do not drag sheets over each other. Storage of sheets should be above ground and under cover. Do not locate fasteners less than 25mm from the end of sheets. Do not use punches to form holes for fasteners. Holes are to be drilled or self drilling fasteners are to be used.


Steeline Mini Corrugated has an effective coverage of 825mm when edge laps of one and a half ribs are used.


Steeline Mini Corrugated can be cut in the factory to any length specified by the customer.

Support recommendations

Maximum support spacings (non) cyclonic)
The recommended maximum support spacing is 1200mm for buildings located under the following conditions as specified by AS. 1170 Part 2 SAA Wind Code:

Area – Non-cyclonic
Max. Building Height – 3m
Wind Velocity – 50m/s
Internal Pressure Coefficient -+0.2
Terrain Category -3.

Note: For cyclonic refer manufacturer


Choose Australian steel from Steeline.

Inspiration from houses to sheds

Every Steeline is owned and operated by a local, so we understand what’s required for your project to withstand the toughest of local conditions and why we only use quality materials.