Steeline Garage Panel

Steeline GP Panel is a conventional light weight sheet walling profile with a lower rib that gives a unobtrusive appearance in any application you choose to use it on.

Steeline GP Panel is the ideal product to use on the walls of your garage , garden shed or workshop.

With a little bit of imagination it can also be used to make a feature of any wall or area that you want to look a little different.

Steeline GP Panel is made from quality Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel, that will stand up to Australia’s harsh conditions.

COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and Galvanised finishes available*

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The sheets of Steeline GP Panel overlap each other and are fixed progressively along the building in the opposite direction to the prevailing weather. This gives complete weather protection and a fast and efficient method of installation. Each sheet consists of an ‘over rib’ and an ‘under rib’ and when put together they form an effective seal preventing water entry.

Laying (Ribs Vertical)

Start at the end of the wall which is away from the prevailing weather. The over-edge should be as shown:

The edge laps must face downwards with the over edge on top as |shown. If end laps are necessary on long runs, allow 75mm per lap. End laps should be sealed with suitable sealant.

Choose Australian steel from Steeline.

Inspiration from houses to sheds

Every Steeline is owned and operated by a local, so we understand what’s required for your project to withstand the toughest of local conditions and why we only use quality materials.