Steeline Corrugated Curving

Steeline Corrugated Curving is the ideal product to give your house a traditional, majestic look.

Made from quality Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel, Steeline Corrugated Curving is strong, long lasting and can be curved to suit any application.

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Projects made easy

Projects made easy

As specialists in all things steel, we can assist with your entire project from start to finish. From ideas to advice, installation and everything in between, Steeline offers a full range of services to make projects a breeze.

Free expert advice

Free expert advice

Not sure where to start? Our trained experts can answer any questions, no matter how big or small. You can call your local Steeline team for advice, or request a free quote anytime.

Superior quality and performance

Superior quality and performance

Manufactured right here in Australia from only the best BlueScope steel, our tried and tested products are guaranteed to last well into the future.

Method Of Laying Corrugated Curving

Lay the first sheet on the frame work taking into consideration the prevailing weather direction. Ensure that the nose of the sheet fits into the gutter correctly and touches all fixing points without any excessive pressure being applied. Begin your screw fixing on the overlap side progressively working your way up the sheet, ensuring that the sheet remains square with the building. When fixing the second sheet you follow the same procedure but you must ensure that the first sheet remains level across the nose at all times otherwise you will start to get a wave effect along the run of sheets at each lap. You can prevent this by constantly checking that the sheets are level or fix a string line at the top of the curve, along the run of sheeting ensuring each sheet remains level. You will notice a saw tooth effect on the ends in the gutter, this is a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided; the saw tooth length should be approximately the same on each lap. Measure every third or fourth sheet from your start point to keep sheets square. Always take care to make sure radius of sheets fit properly together.

NOTE: Minimum recommended radius to curve 400mm.

Side lap fasteners

These are added at the midspans of the sheets for support spacings over 900mm for roofs and 1200mm for walls to give weather proofing. On the bends sufficient side lap fasteners are to be added to ensure absolute weather tightness. Use No 8×12 hex head type S self drilling screw with neo washer or blind rivet.

Curve Designs

curve designs


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