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Steeline Steel Clad Fencing offers a timeless and classic design with its vertical ribs, making it the ideal choice for a boundary fence that combines elegance and security. With full-color finishes on both sides, including posts, rails, and sheets, this fence exudes a stylish charm. Made from quality Australian Colorbond® steel, it ensures exceptional strength and durability, withstanding even the harshest conditions. Additionally, its termite-proof feature adds to its long-lasting appeal. Available in various heights, Steeline Steel Clad Fencing allows you to select the perfect fit for your needs. If you desire a fence that embodies a traditional aesthetic while providing reliable performance, Steeline Steel Clad Fencing is the classic solution for enhancing your property’s beauty and security.



COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and Galvanised finishes available*

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Why choose Steeline Steel Panel Fencing-

Steeline Panel Fencing is made from Australian COLORBOND® Steel which offers a large range of colours and is proven for it’s durability. This is backed by a BlueScope Steel 10 Year Warranty.

Steeline Panel Fencing systems do not rot or warp, are fire resistant and are not prone to termite attack. New solvents are available to remove graffiti, unlike timber. Steeline Panel Fencing systems are user friendly and can be erected by the home handy man.

Security and Privacy

Given the amount of time families in Australia spend outside, security and privacy are of great concern. Steeline Panel Fencing systems assure peace of mind as your family is less susceptible to prying eyes and unwanted entry.

The Steeline Panel Fencing system is hard to climb as it has no foot holes for children to climb on, and panels cannot be loosened or removed. Unlike timber fences, there is no risk younger families will fall victim to splinters or loose nails, nor be able to climb through any gaps in the fence. This probably accounts as to why steel fences are the choice of Australian Kindergartens.

Colours and Profiles

A Steeline Panel Fencing system is available in four profiles and has a wide range of 14 colours to select from. You can also incorporate a lattice screen if you want to achieve a heritage look. It’s easy to see why this versatile product has become so popular when you can alternate the colour of your panels and add trim to suit the colours on your roofing and gutters. A Steeline Panel Fencing system can be adapted to whatever your needs.

Note: All colours and profiles may not be available at some locations. Double and single gate kits are available in both profiles, but are not available with lattice.

Whether it be a courtyard, pool fence, privacy fence or the whole backyard, the versatility of a Steeline fencing system allows you to design a safe and modern fence, while still giving an attractive appearance to your home.


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