Steel Clad Crimp Curve

Steeline Crimp Curve can give any commercial building a fresh, innovative look. This strong and long-lasting material is made from quality Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel, and can eliminate the use of gutters, giving walls a smooth line and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Projects made easy

Projects made easy

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Free expert advice

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Superior quality and performance

Superior quality and performance

Manufactured right here in Australia from only the best BlueScope steel, our tried and tested products are guaranteed to last well into the future.

Method of laying steel-clad crimp curve

Lay the first line of sheeting at the end of the building away from the prevailing weather. Fix the lowest sheet first and work up to the ridge overlapping as you go. The sheeting is to be positioned with its leading edge a suitable distance inside the edge of the building, maintaining this dimension along the full length of the building edge so that it is exactly aligned and square with the building frame. Lay subsequent sheets in a similar manner overlapping as you go and taking care to match the curved areas to each other, locating adjacent crimps accurately and fixing the side laps tight together before the main fasteners are added.

Because of the rigidity imparted to the crimp curve bends, the curved areas are the critical fixing areas and only minimal re-alignment can be made in these areas. It is therefore necessary to keep the alignment correct on every sheet as it is laid.

On occasions where two (2) or more datum points occur on one elevation, fixing should commence by working away from these points as previously described, and if necessary, at a convenient position, a slip flashing may be introduced to provide any required adjustment.

Side lap fasteners

These are added at the midspans of the sheets for support spacings over 900mm for roofs and 1200mm for walls to give weather proofing. On the bends, sufficient side lap fasteners are to be added to ensure absolute weather tightness. Use No 8×12 hex head type S self drilling screw with neo washer or blind rivet.

NOTE: Minimum recommended radius to crimp 550mm

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