From the Top Down

Mention COLORBOND® and most people think roofing, and fair enough given how many homes it’s roofed. But that’s just the start of the story. For example, it’s equally attractive for walls or interior features. It also offers guttering that performs at its best when the weather is at its worst. Speaking of the outdoors, COLORBOND® steel is also great for fencing or long lasting water tanks.

The Name Australians Rely On

From humble backgrounds 45 years ago, COLORBOND® steel has evolved into Australia’s most popular roofing thanks to its elegant looks, proven durability and performance under extreme weather conditions. The range incorporates 22 colours most of which celebrate Australia’s natural beauty.

Easy on the Eye, Easy to Live With

COLORBOND® steel offers an attractive, efficient alternative for modern homes. Such a broad colour range gives you excellent flexibility to colour match or co-ordinate other external features such as guttering and rainwater tanks.

When it comes to walls COLORBOND® steel makes a tough barrier against storms, hails, falling branches and just about anything else Australia can throw it. Being non-combustible and 100% termite resistant also adds to its long-term security.

Better still, thanks to a superior oven baked finish and its strength against chipping and flaking COLORBOND® steel makes for a very durable, low maintenance building material.

Practical Meets Beautiful

Gutters, downpipes and fascia clearly play a vital role in protecting your home from stormwater damage. But you can rest easy with COLORBOND® steel knowing that it’s been tested under some of Australia’s most extreme conditions for over 45 years.

You’ll also be delighted to find that our range of guttering, downpipes and fascia offer a visually aesthetic finishing touch to your home with the range’s 22 colours allowing you to mix and match your roof style and colour.

Increase privacy, reduce maintenance

Thanks to the Australian climate we can enjoy outdoor living for most of the year. So when it comes to our homes it’s hard to tell where the indoors stop and the outdoors start which in turn gives us more options for dining, relaxing and entertaining.

As these options grow it’s becoming more and more important to have privacy and security. That’s where COLORBOND® steel comes into play. Not only is it extremely durable but with 14 designer colours to choose from, you can easily find one that complements your roof. Better still, thanks to its durability you won’t have to pick up a paintbrush, worry about wood rot every few years or have to deal with termites.

Saving water has never been so attractive

BlueScope Water offers a range of water tanks to help harvest water wherever you might live. These tanks are made from AQUAPLATE® steel to ensure long lasting durability and are all available in COLORBOND® steel’s range to ensure they sit seamlessly with other features such as roofing and fencing.