Classic Euro style

Poised on the banks of the Goulburn River in Nagambie, this classic euro style residence is an architectural blend of functionality and timelessness.

The vast 1,550m2 roofing area was perfectly suited for the easy install NAILSTRIP steel material. The joining panel simply snaps over the low rib with no mechanical seam locking required, transforming the building in little time.

The craftsmanship of the pitched roof structure is mirrored inside the residence with large open plan living areas and pitched celings that can all exist thanks to the protective layer of the NAILSTRIP roof.

The classic European flavor is seen in the paired neutral tones of the MONUMENT® NAILSTRIP roof and the rustic light gray brickwork, making this refined estate the perfect regional retreat.

  • Builder CRC Constructions
  • Location Nagambie, VIC


Featured material

NAILSTRIP is available in 25mm and 38mm Rib Heights. It is easy to install using screws every 300mm along the panel’s perforated edge. Panels join with no mechanical seam locking required. The substrate must be flat and rigid where the panels are laid. Battens are required between the structure and the ply to create a ventilation gap to prevent condensation.

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