Protecting your investment with our Warranty

Protecting Your Investment

For most of us, our home is our biggest financial investment. So it’s nice to know that like the products themselves, a BlueScope Steel warranty offers real peace of mind.

95 Years of Expertise

BlueScope Steel products come with 95 years of expertise. As you’d expect, they’re ideal for Australian conditions having been put through the most demanding of testing. Our technical experts focus specifically on the environments in which our products are used. By choosing the right product for the right location you’ll make the most of your warranty and protect your investment.

As Long Lasting as Our Products

Our roofing products come with a 36-year warranty while our framing provides 50 years protection for framing, depending on the type of product location in which it is used. To maximise your warranty contact us before you begin your project to discuss your best options or use our warranty estimator to see how products and locations will influence your warranty.

Before You Apply

There are some things you’ll need to know before you begin your application process so please consult our warranties checklist. Better still, you can email or print the list for your reference or to ask a builder. Click here to see a full list of sample warranties.

Caring for Your Investment

It’s important to get your investment right from the outset. Whether you’re an owner builder or you’ve contracted a professional builder, make sure to insist on expert installers and tradesmen.

Once built, maintain it well as it can make a big difference to the long-term value of your asset. To be thorough, why not implement a regular maintenance inspection program of your property and prepare a checklist? A small amount of maintenance can stop minor problems becoming major ones. For further information see our installation and maintenance guides or ask an expert.

If You Have a Problem, We Have a Problem

We’re here to help. So if you have a problem just call us. Our people will do their best to solve your problem there and then. If they can’t, they’ll send you a Consumer Query Form for you to fill out. Upon its return, we’ll assess the matter and, if necessary, send out a Field Performance Technical Specialist to inspect your site.

How to Register

Registering will allow you to apply for warranties and submit pre-approved warranties. These will help you with material selection and design considerations.

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