Slick fit

The Steeline Slick-fit Downpipe system is sure to add character to the finishing touches of your home or your commercial building.
Steeline Slick-fit Downpipes, made from quality Colorbond®; or Zincalume®; steel, so are strong and long lasting.

Slick Fit
COLORBOND® colours
Slick Fit
COLORBOND® colours
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Product specifications

Steeline Slick-Fit Downpipes

A full range of accessories are available from your Steeline member. The unique method of rollforming Slick-fit downpipes consistently tapers any length, with a big and small end to enable the ease of joining lengths.

Making Offsets

Simply measure the length of offset required. Cut the intermediate piece to length then rivet and silicone to each offset.

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