Square Fascia Gutter (ST16)

Steeline Square Fascia Gutter is an appealing, modern profile that suits a multitude of building designs. The continuity of the gutter line can be maintained on barges with the square barge capping.

The light gauge metal has rollformed ribs on the front face which offers great resistance to denting and a stylish, buckle free appearance.

This is an ideal product to use on garages and sheds where it can be attached directly to the underside of the roof sheeting. Made from quality Colorbond®; or ZinCaluMe®; steel, Steeline Square Fascia Gutter is strong and long lasting.

*Please note: The exact dimensions of each product may vary slightly between stores so if you need to match your existing profile please check with your local branch before ordering*

COLORBOND® colours
COLORBOND® colours
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Product specifications


Stop ends
Pre-formed stop ends provide a neat finish to straight runs of gutter and require less labour and skill than site formed ends. However both methods require the use of rivets and a roofing type silicon sealant.

Fixing Instructions

  1. Hold gutter hard up into the corner of where the top of the walls sheets meet the overhang of the roof sheets.
  2. Fasten with the use of a screw or rivet through the roof sheet & into the return leg on the top of the back of the back of the gutter.
  3. Use the standard splice & slide method to join each length of gutter together. Rivet & Seal.
  4. Ensure the gutter is fastened to the roof with this method at least every 900mm along the length of the gutter.
  5. Then at maximum spaces of 1 metre, clip the gutter stiffener bracket into the bead of the gutter, then with the use of a screw or rivet fasten the stiffener bracket to the roof sheeting taking care to make sure the front of the gutter remains straight.

External Corners

Cut as shown in illustration, fold, rivet and seal.

Internal Corners

Cut as shown in illustration, fold, rivet and seal.

Gutter Joining

To produce a slip joint, notch gutter as shown in the illustration. Insert reduced end into normal end, rivet and seal.

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