Half Round Folded Gutters (ST22)

Steeline Half Round Gutters are designed to be used in applications for standard domestic housing and for any commercial buildings that need to catch & carry large volumes of rain water.

These gutters are available in 150mm, 400mm and 600mm to handle the required water capacity.

Steeline Half Round Gutters are made from quality Colorbond®; or Zincalume®; steel, so they’re strong and long lasting.

*Please note: The exact dimensions of each product may vary slightly between stores so if you need to match your existing profile please check with your local branch before ordering*

COLORBOND® colours
COLORBOND® colours
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Product specifications

Fixing Instructions

  1. Fit one external bracket at each end of the run of gutter
  2. Connect string line to each of these brackets, pull line tight to avoid any sag and tie off.
  3. Fit external brackets at maximum spacing of 1200mm
  4. Lift gutter into the bracket and fasten with a screw through the top of the gutter and the bracket.

Making 90 corners simply cut out as per diagram according to the size of gutter your are using. Allow a 15 mm tab on one side to all to fit inside the other to join rivet and sea;

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